A fool and his money shall soon part

Bitcoin price continues to experience sideways congestion. On-chain analytics suggest more chop is likely underway Ethereum price begins the anticipated ascent. The chances of crypto outperformance remain prevalent. Ripple price still presents a chance to rally higher. Key levels have been identified. The crypto market is in stagnation mode.  An explosive move is likely to … Read more

Defi Volatility & Emerging Trends

According to the Bitcoin Volatility Index, the bitcoin price remains submerged in terms of trading interest. Ethereum continues to show strength in the market but for how long? Ripple price shows contrarian bullish signals. The Crypto market shows a shift in the tides. Market dominance may be dished off to Ethereum and Ripple in the coming … Read more

New Optimistic Buyers Flock To Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Mike Ermolaev, head of public relations at the ChangeNOW exchange and a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine. A much-awaited recovery rally has occurred for bitcoin prices after a month of consolidation around $20,000. Interestingly, this coincides with the previous cycle peak in 2017. Short-term momentum remains favorable, while longer-term macro … Read more

Bitcoin network activity decline suggests longer bear market: Glassnode

With several on-chain metrics for Bitcoin (BTC) still in a bearish range, a continuation of the recent price recovery will require increased demand and fees spent over the network, says Glassnode.  The assessment of mediocre market growth over the past week came from blockchain analysis firm Glassnode in its latest “The Week On Chain” report on … Read more

The power struggle between BTC bulls and bears will lead to…

Bitcoin price approaches a support confluence at $21,710, a breakdown of which, could lead to a 12% crash. Ethereum price is retracing after retesting the $1,700 hurdle and is likely to continue doing that until BTC establishes a directional bias. Ripple price is hovering above the $0.340 level, a significant barrier that could make or … Read more

BTC mining costs reach 10-month lows as miners use more efficient rigs

The cost of mining one Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to ten-month lows as mining hardware becomes more efficient, and difficulty has dropped 6.7% since its May peak. On Wednesday, strategists from JPMorgan led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou told investors that Bitcoin production costs have fallen to around $13,000 from $24,000 at the beginning of June. This … Read more

Crypto are primed for a significant rebound

Bitcoin price looks like  it is starting a small uptrend and  swing trade back to $21,969. Ethereum’s price nears a price cap with the potentially to hit $1,300. XRP price still has a long way to go but holds the most potential. Bitcoin price, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely recovering from the … Read more

Who will catch the falling knife? pt.2

Bitcoin price coils in triangular fashion as the bears have rejected auctions at the $20,000 price level. Ethereum price witnesses historically low gas fees prompting an underlying bullish sentiment yet to be seen in the technicals. Ripple price is denied mid-$0.35 entrance and prepares for a sharp move. The cryptocurrency market is at a make-or-break … Read more