Quebec health officials say the province now has 184 confirmed cases of monkeypox

Quebec officials reported 13 more confirmed cases of monkeypox on Thursday for a total of 184 cases in the province since the outbreak began. The Quebec health department says 6,591 doses of the vaccine have been given since May 27 to curb the outbreak. The province has the highest number of disease infections in the … Read more

We should vaccinate gay and bisexual men for Monkeypox now

In this Medscape blog I previously reported on the history of the current monkeypox epidemic among mainly men who have sex with men (MSM). As we have discussed, a major monkeypox epidemic is underway in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States and other countries. Prior to this outbreak, monkeypox had usually been reported … Read more

Focusing on good surveillance and control measures can help Africa curb monkeypox

African governments must focus on investing in their surveillance systems and strengthening preparedness to curb the rapid spread of infectious diseases such as monkeypox, experts said. Monkeypox is spreading rapidly in countries around the world where it has never been seen before, as well as taking hold in African countries, some of which have been … Read more

The UK will offer monkeypox vaccines to some gay and bisexual men

Image: Scientific photo library (AP) UK health officials are planning to offer smallpox more widely vaccines, which are effective against the related monkeysmallpox virus –to some gay and bisexual men. The broadening of the reach is part of a renewed strategy to contain the emerging viral disease, which recently it has spread far beyond the … Read more