Warren Jeffs doesn’t look amused in the new mugshot just weeks after Netflix released a document about his crimes

Polygamous cult leader Warren Jeffs doesn’t seem amused in his new mugshot as he continues to serve life in prison for aggravated sexual assault Polygamous cult leader Warren Jeffs doesn’t seem amused in his new mugshot as he continues to serve a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice released … Read more

South Africa Ends COVID Restrictions As Fifth Wave Fades | Coronavirus Pandemic News

The country has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Africa, with over 3.9 million confirmed infections and 101,000 deaths South Africa repealed COVID-19 rules that made masks mandatory in indoor public spaces, limited the size of gatherings and imposed entry requirements at its borders, the health minister said Thursday. The country … Read more

Thailand Airports Public: Air Traffic Forecasts Based on 2019 Coronavirus Outbreak Impact Assessment (COVID-19) (June 2022 Edition)

– Translation – No. 8486June 23, 2022 Subject: Air traffic forecasts based on the impact assessment of the 2019 coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) (June 2022 edition) A: President, The stock exchange of Thailand Reference: Letter from the airports of Thailand Public Company Limited No. 14539/2021, dated 20 October … Read more

Webuild: living and transparent construction sites for public infrastructures

A communication project involving the regions of Italy that unites the country from north to south 15 live webcams installed on construction sites, 12 of which transmit images to the Webuild website Live streaming from Terzo Valico dei Giovi in ​​Liguria, M4 underground line in Milan, Bicocca-Catenanuova railway in Sicily Soon the webcams in streaming … Read more

How banks, regulation and the business world are dealing with the current cryptocurrency crisis

The decline in the value of cryptocurrencies by more than 50% since the beginning of 2022 and the sudden closure of crypto platforms due to fraud and cyber attacks do not herald a bright future for these digital currencies. However, the crisis is an opportunity to examine fundamental market issues, resolve regulatory issues and instill … Read more

Coronavirus Crisis: Johnson & Johnson Review Finds Women Much More Likely to Suffer Longer than COVID

A new review has revealed that women are significantly more likely to suffer from COVID for a long time and will experience substantially different symptoms than their male counterparts. The international review of current research by Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer analyzed data from 35 long-term COVID publications involving 1.3 million … Read more

Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence Rejects Cryptocurrency Loss False Claim

One of the most widely reported – and falsely speculated – sports cryptocurrency stories was provided more clarity Wednesday afternoon, with the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback confirming that he hadn’t invested the entire NFL signing bonus in cryptocurrency. In recent days, false and unspoken stories about Lawrence’s potential losses in cryptocurrency have been circulating widely, with … Read more

Glastonbury revellers warned of monkeypox danger by health chiefs as event returns after three years

Jubilant festivalgoers at Glastonbury have been warned of skin-to-skin contact and the danger of monkeypox by health chiefs as the music event returns for the first time in three years after Covid delays.  To the dismay of many festival-goers, showers and thunderstorms are predicted from Friday onwards, and the event coincides with three days of planned major … Read more

British tourist, 30, is loaded into a sealed capsule by helicopter after being struck by monkeypox in Greece

British tourist, 30, is loaded onto a Chinook helicopter in a sealed capsule after being “diagnosed with monkeypox” on the Greek island of Naxos A British tourist was seen flown to Athens on suspicion of monkeypox The 30-year-old was contained in a sealed capsule and flown by helicopter Greece confirmed its first case of monkeypox … Read more