A Quick Guide On Bitcoin Covenants And Their Importance

Outside of computers and blockchain technology, covenants are extensions applied to contracts that dictate specific inclusions, restrictions, or rules that the new owner has to abide by. For instance, if a building is being sold, an applied covenant could dictate that the colour of the building can never be changed. If the colour is changed, … Read more

Wei, Satoshi, Jager And The Various Other Denominations Of Ether, Bitcoin, Bnb And More

Most fiat currencies have divisibility of up to 2 decimal places ($0.01). However, since many cryptocurrencies have a hard-capped supply, they have divisibility of up to 8 decimal places or more (.000000001 ETH). This ensures that, even when the supply limit of these cryptocurrencies is reached and/or their valuations soar, it is still possible for … Read more