Bitcoin price is threatened as expert warns cryptocurrency winter has become a “polar vortex”

The cryptocurrency winter has just gotten even colder, an expert warned, with another bloodbath on the way. The cryptocurrency winter just got even colder, an expert warned. Instead of just being winter, cryptocurrency is now trapped in a “polar vortex,” a senior executive at one of the world’s largest banks bluntly stated. Throughout the year, … Read more

Bitcoin’s price is approaching the dangerous $ 20,000 level as the cryptocurrency plunge continues

If bitcoin drops below this level, it could be the game over for the cryptocurrency. And there’s only $ 800 from that point. The world’s most ranked cryptocurrency is approaching a dangerous level after five consecutive days of drastic price drops. In the past 24 hours, bitcoin has hit a low of US $ 20,834, … Read more

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time low for 2022 amid US Fed fears

Bitcoin hit new lows as experts warn that the digital token in question has not hit bottom. Bitcoin plunged to new lows amid 72 hours of horror for the cryptocurrency. Just after 1pm AEDT on Monday, the top blockchain collapsed to a level not seen since December 2020. The coin fell briefly to $ 24,900. … Read more