Cricket Betting Predictions & Match Predictions: Bukhatir T20 League 2022 – Interglobe Marine vs Hement Properties – 18th game

Interglobe Marine vs Hement Properties - 18th game

Interglobe Marine vs Hement Properties – 18th game

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The 18th game of the Bukhatir T20 League 2022 will take place on June 23, 2022 between Interglobe Marine and Hement Properties at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, in the United Arab Emirates.

LIVE RESULTS – Interglobe Marine vs Hement Properties – 18th game

Current Interglobe Marine form:

Interglobe Marine won their last thrilling match against Brother Gas in the Super Over.

Brother Gas won the draw and chose to line up first. Saqib Manshad was bowling with a lot of fire at the start and collected 2 quick wickets at the start. Sandeep Singh in the middle order played a useful inning of 29 in 18 balls. Hameed Khan-I also smashed 47 out of 34 balls. In the wake of his effort in the second half of the inning, Interglobe Marine came up with a total of 160 out of 7 in 20 overs.

During the chase, Mohammad Waseem and Hamdan Tahir started with a flyer. They collected 49 runs for the first wicket partnership. Waseem hit 38 20 balls. His innings featured 3 fours and 3 huge highs. Once fired, the speed of execution slowed as Muhammad Afzal took a long time to stabilize. Laxman Manjrekar made 38 out of 20 balloons to bring Brother Gas closer to the target. Tanvir Javed fought very hard and scored 26 out of 12 balls to put Brother Gas in the driver’s seat. His run to the penultimate ball of the match cost his brother Gas and they only managed to draw the match they otherwise would have had to win.

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In the Super over, Brother Gas could only score 12 points for 2 wickets. In response, Interglobe Marine chased the target by 13 points in 5 balls.

Properties of the element of the current form:

Hement Properties lost their last game to the Fair Deal Defenders by 6 wickets.

The Fair Deal Defenders won the draw and chose to line up first.

The Fair Deal Defenders pitchers got their team off to a brilliant start and collected 2 wickets for just 5 runs. Haroon Ghaus in the middle order played a brilliant shot of 41 in 34 balls. Once ejected, however, the other batters could not really pose a challenge to the opposition and Hement Properties was eliminated 129 in his 19th over.

For Fair Deal Defenders, Muhammad Saghir Khan collected 4 wickets for 17 runs.

During the chase, Farrukh Abbas Kazmi played very well in the opening and broke 38 runs with 36 balls. Fair Deal Defenders lost wickets in quick succession after being fired. However, Rizwan Amanat Ali at number 5 broke 40 out of just 19 balls to take the Fair Deal Defenders home comfortably in the 18th over, with 6 wickets in hand.

Let’s take a look at the teams:

Properties of the element:

Amjad Iqbal, Aziz Ansari, Haroon Ghaus, Imran Abid, Rakesh Rawat, Saqib Ashraf, Umar Swadi, Harikrishnan Valloli, Moeez Waqar, Muhammad Abdullah, Rahul Soni, Saif Khan, Haroon Altaf (Week), Rajeev Dudeja (Week), Taha Ahmed (Week), Harish Chandrasekaran, Krishnan Balasubrama, Mohit Raghav, Muhammad Faraz, Muhammad Farhan.

Marina Interglobo:

Basil Hameed, Chundangapoyil Rizwan, Muhammad Taimoor, Sandeep Singh, Vishnu Sukumaran, Yasir Kaleem, Amaan Maulvi, Hameed Khan, Shahnawaz Khan, Touqeer Riyasat, Asif Khan (Wk), Asif Mumakrullah, Harry Gopakrullah, Harry Gopakharn Junaid Siddique, Luqman Hazrat, Mohammad Zahid.

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Cricket Betting Predictions & Match Predictions * – PrePlay

Who will win the draw? – Marina Interglobo

Who will win?- Marina Interglobo

Best Hitter (Runs Scored) – Sandeep Singh (Interglobe Marine), Haroon Ghaus (Hement Ownership)

Top Bowler (Wicket Taken) – Asif Mumtaz (Interglobe Marine), Muhammad Farhan (Hement Properties)

Most of the Six – Sandeep Singh (Interglobe Marine), Haroon Ghaus (Hement Ownership)

Player of the match– Sandeep Singh (Marina Interglobe)

Team Scores By beating first – Interglobe Marine 160+, Property Hement 130+

Handicap of the match: Marina Interglobo

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* NB: these predictions may be changed near the start of the match once the starting teams of the final have been announced and the “In-Play” features are available, so stay tuned.

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