10 best horror movies on Netflix, according to Ranker

With the recent release of Netflix Choose or die On April 15, 2022, many horror fans could dive into Netflix’s horror library to find their next movie pick. Netflix hosts many horror movies, including several classics and popular titles including The Summoning, InsidiousAnd The grudge. Not only that, in recent years the platform has also released several Netflix original movies suited to the horror genre, such as hit Way of fear trilogy.

With the streaming platform finally starting to give the horror genre the attention it deserves, from horror fanatics Classification have narrowed down the best horror movies available to viewers on Netflix.


Note: Leaderboards are active and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publication.

Eli (2019)

Eli Netflix 2019

Eli is a horror film that tells the story of Eli, a boy suffering from a rare disease that causes severe allergic reactions to the outside world. Eli’s parents, hoping to cure their son, take him to Dr. Isabella Horn. Though initially delighted with the chance to cure him, Eli soon discovers that the house he now lives in and the people he has trusted may not be so safe after all.

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Fans praised Eli, not for its fear factor, but for the mysterious and interesting path followed by the supernatural story, creating suspense in the first half of the film and wreaking havoc in the second half of the film. Eli it’s also praised for its dark vibe and fun twists it offers viewers and is a great horror movie for fans of the genre.

Claim 2 (2015)

left 2 is the sequel to the 2012 film Leftand presents the story of mother Courtney Collins and her two children, Dylan and Zach, as they take refuge in a house with a disturbing mystery lurking nearby. Dylan, and later Zach, are visited by ghostly children, who force them to watch disturbing films of families being slaughtered – part of a grand plan of the dark pagan deity “Mr. Boogey” aka Bughuul, who manipulates children into making them kill their loved ones.

Fans have considered left 2 for its gripping moments of suspense, but also for the unexpected twists that are thrown at the spectators, separating it from being a complete reinterpretation of the first film.

The ritual (2017)

The 2017 Luca Ritual

The Ritual is a horror film based on a group of college students taking a hike through the wilds of Sweden to honor a friend who was tragically killed. When one of them is injured during the hike, the group is forced to attempt to cut through the forest to reach shelter before sunset. Eventually, the group finds an abandoned hut and decides to stay overnight, unaware that a dark evil is haunting them.

The Ritual is a film with a large cast of characters and is filled with dark and chilling sound effects and music that will keep viewers on the edge, as well as many haunting scenes and haunting images that fans describe as tense and hilarious, making it a true horror movie experience .

As above, so below (2014)

as above so below

As above so below is a found footage-style horror film that has built a strong following of horror movie fans, despite initial critical reviews. The story takes place in Paris, where archaeologist Scarlett Marlowe and her team of explorers descend into the underground catacombs to search for Nicholas Flame’s philosopher’s stone, only to experience a claustrophobic and hellish nightmare after a tunnel collapses and traps the team. .

As above so below does an outstanding job by playing on the common fear of being trapped, recreating an extremely claustrophobic feeling for viewers. Fans have expressed their appreciation for the unique archaeological adventure that interprets the experience of the footage found As above so below offers, making it stand out from other horror films of the subgenre of found footage.

Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist 1982 Monster Wardrobe

Poltergeist is a Stephen Spielberg film considered one of the most iconic titles in the horror genre. It features the Freeling family, whose youngest daughter, Carol Anne, is kidnapped by malevolent forces in their home. Realizing that something evil is at work here, the Freelings hire a team of parapsychologists to investigate before it’s too late.

With lots of interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the making Poltergeist, fans are also impressed by the techniques and inspirations used to make such a film. Because so many horror movies rely on CGI and special effects to scare away, Poltergeist it does no such thing and is considered timeless for its tale of a haunting and haunting ghost story with no added effects and editing.

Jane Doe’s autopsy (2016)

Jane Doe’s autopsy is a 2016 horror film that features the investigation of a mysterious and beautiful “Jane Doe” by the father and son coroner duo, Tommy and Austin Tilden. Unfortunately, the two get more than they bargained for and as they uncover strange and disturbing secrets about the mysterious young woman, the autopsy turns out to be an extremely complex and bizarre case.

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Fans praised Jane Doe’s autopsy for the way the film chose to create fear through suspense, rather than the blood, gore and constant death toll found in so many other horror films from the 2000s. Jane Doe’s autopsy leaves such a mark without being overly grotesque or addicted to scary jumps makes it a standout when compared to other horror movies.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in his cell in Memphis in The Silence of the Lambs

In The silence of the lambs, FBI training agent Clarice is tasked with interviewing a criminal, Dr. Hannibal Lector, in hopes of obtaining information on a case involving a series of grisly murders involving skinned victims. Lecter, who was once a respected psychiatrist, is serving his life behind bars for twisted acts of murder and cannibalism, and Clarice must first earn her trust before the inmate gives valuable information.

The silence of the lambHe made his mark with the iconic Hannibal Lector, who, despite being a horror villain with limited screen time, gives audiences a glimpse of his dark and twisted mind through his conversations with Clarice, always keeping viewers with the bated breath. This led to Lector becoming an iconic character in the horror genre as well The silence of the lambs being one of his biggest titles.

Bird box (2018)

Bird box is a film that tells the story of the protagonist Malorie Hayes after an invisible evil force purged the world of human population. Hoping to find a place considered a safe haven from invisible entities, Malorie and her children have embarked on a blind boat trip down a river, but will they live to reach their destination?

Bird box has received much praise for a new take on horror, with fans immediately fond of the way it captures audience attention with its invisible entities. Because Bird box uniquely connects with the viewer’s imagination throughout the story, it’s easy to see how it holds its place among other horror films.

Would You Rather (2013)

Brittany Snow in the movie Would You Rather

Would you rather features the protagonist Iris, a young woman desperate to help her sick brother, who accepts an invitation to dinner at Shepard’s mansion on the assumption that it would be easy money. Things take a dark turn when Shepard forces them to play a sadistic game for this hefty prize pool.

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With a dark and terrifying twist on a basic party game, Would you rather does a terrific job of penetrating the skin of its viewers with the outrageous concepts being thrown at the characters. Many viewers will wonder what they would do if they were in the same situation and find themselves glued to this creepy version of a concept that many are familiar with.

Silence (2016)

A screenshot of Kate Siegel's Maddie being haunted by The Man from Hush (2016)

Silence is a home invasion slasher film centered around Maddie, a deaf writer whose life is soon threatened, as a masked killer enters her home and begins to haunt her through psychological games.

Silence is an incredibly unique film when it comes to the use of sound: only 15 minutes of dialogue takes place during the entire film. Instead, music and sound effects are used to put viewers in Maddie’s shoes and create suspense as danger unfolds around her. is SilenceThe unique sound design and rotation on the classic slasher cliché that make it so extraordinary among the competitors.

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