Netflix’s live-action One Piece is already doomed due to an issue

One of the biggest challenges with anime adaptation is how to bring the distinctive art styles to live-action and for Netflix A piece remake, this challenge could doom the show before it even sets sail. A pieceThe anime is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name, although both the manga and the anime started in the 1990s, they are still ongoing. A piece follows the Straw Hat Pirates, led by their captain Monkey D. Luffy, who has the ambition to discover the mysterious A piece and become the Pirate King. In 2021, Netflix announced the main cast for its adaptation of A pieceincluding Iñaki Godoy as Luffy, and series production is underway.


A piece It’s not Netflix’s first attempt to adapt beloved anime series into live-action. Previously, Netflix produced live-action feature films, such as Bleach And death Noteand, more recently, a single season of Cowboy Bebop. Cowboy Bebop it was canceled shortly after its first season hit the streaming platform, indicating Netflix’s difficulties in introducing anime adaptations to new audiences and justifying the shows’ hefty production costs. The problems of Netflix Cowboy Bebop addressed will also have to be addressed by the live-action A pieceand while A piecePace can also be a problem for adaptation, the biggest problem being how Netflix handles A piecethe extravagant art style and character design.

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Cowboy Bebop, death Noteand other live-action Netflix anime adaptations don’t have as distinctive and fantastic art styles as A piece. Instead death Note is mainly set in modern Japan and Cowboy Bebop takes place in a familiar sci-fi setting, A pieceEccentricities in style and substance are essential to accompany the general theme of the anime, the discovery in a world that never ceases to surprise. The manga’s art style was a conscious decision by mangaka Eiichiro Oda, who wanted his manga to stand out from the crowd. The art style has been faithfully adapted to the anime and is, therefore, something anime fans will expect to see on Netflix’s live-action version of A piece. While Netflix will have the practical and special effects needed to attempt to recreate A piece‘s art style, doing this may not be enough to save the upcoming show, and here’s why Netflix A piece he is already condemned.

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One Piece’s character designs create a problem with live action

Luffy leads his band of Straw Hat Pirates in the One Piece anime

Oda creates some really cool character designs, such as Dracule Mihawk, Doflamingo, and Crocodile, all of which will be relatively easy to recreate in live-action. However, some of the character designs (both good and bad) will be incredibly difficult to translate from animation. This is mainly due to the exaggerated size and characteristics of some characters – Wapol, for example, is too wide and short to faithfully choose an actor. His smile is also as big as a cartoon, which works well in animation and manga as he collaborates with his Munch-Munch Fruit, however, this would be difficult to perform in live-action. These whimsical character designs could be recreated in Netflix A piece live-action series, but if so, they will look weird, especially for newcomers to the series. Many projects, when faithfully adapted, will work within the mysterious valley and may be off-putting to new audiences who aren’t used to the over-the-top art style. If Netflix is A piece fails to take an interest in the new audience on the streamer, it will likely share the same fate as Cowboy Bebop and be canceled in advance.

Conversely, if Netflix decides to sacrifice aspects of A pieceThe art style and character design in favor of a more realistic aesthetic, this will upset the current A piece world of fans. A realistic approach will be the most palatable to the new audience, who will also have to wrap their heads around the unique Devil Fruit feeding system and dense world construction. However, deviating from the original character designs can be disappointing A piecepre-existing public. The twists and twists end up in Netflix Cowboy Bebop they are a testament to how much the little fandoms want their beloved series to be changed.

Why Netflix’s One Piece has to keep the original art style

Luffy chapter 1 of One Piece eats the fruit of the devil

A pieceMangaka Eiichiro Oda was heavily involved during the development of Netflix’s live-action series. One of the main screenwriters of the series, Matt Owens, explained that Oda reads all the script diagrams and provides notes, and that Oda is very involved in the project: he was the one who announced it in 2017. Oda will not have the full creative power and will have to allow changes to his manga, his strong involvement is a signal that the Netflix series will attempt to maintain the original art style and character design of Oda in their live-action version. Since Oda is the original artist, he may have encouraged Netflix that art style is essential to the erratic and often meaningless world of A piece. Also, that of Netflix A piece he could live and die for the way he appeases the original fandom and encourages him to watch his version. Since aspects of the story will inevitably change, the show must look the same as the anime and manga, otherwise it will risk the wrath of the fandom. As stated earlier, the problem is that the designs can look weird to the uninitiated and could put off new viewers, however, this could be a risk Netflix will have to take.

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If One Piece season 1 is successful, season 2 will fail

One piece weird character designs

Netflix live action A piece the first season will contain 10 episodes, however, the length of those episodes has yet to be announced. Ten episodes don’t seem like much, especially considering the A piece the anime has over 1,000 episodes, so that of Netflix A piece Season 1 can only go as far as Arlong Park events. The first stretch of the anime and manga contains some weird character designs, such as Buggy the Clown and Arlong’s Fishmen, but these are toned down compared to what’s to come next in the series. As such, the first season of the Netflix series may appear more grounded than the one to come after. Netflix is ​​expected to renew A piece for several seasons, that’s where the real problem will hit. As Luffy and his allies set anchor on the Grand Line, everything gets bigger, better, and stranger. Whitebeard and Kuma, for example, are more than six meters tall, which defies all logic in live-action, especially compared to Luffy and his Straw Hat crew, who are mostly normal-sized. Meanwhile, characters like Emporio Ivankov, Trevol, and Dr. Hogback, have quite creepy designs in animation and seem nearly impossible to recreate in live-action. If the new audience is not initially delayed, it may be further down. Additionally, as more resources are poured into nailing character designs, it is possible to make sacrifices in less significant arches or creatures inhabiting the world of Oda which can also alienate existing fandom and diminish A piecethe construction of the world. Like souls, A piece it’s quite divisive, but as a live-action series, those divisions could get even bigger.

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