Is the period drama series streaming?

With castles, sweeping landscapes, exquisite costumes, and a good dose of dry humor, there is something inherently enticing about historical dramas, especially those of British origin. Becoming Elizabeth tells the fascinating story of perhaps the most influential woman of the Tudor dynasty. While most of the costume dramas have focused on the reign of the monarchs, their many battles and palace intrigues, Becoming Elizabeth explore the life of Queen Elizabeth I before ascending the throne.

Starz knows a thing or two about developing costume dramas, like their success with foreigner And The Spanish princess Shows. The series was created by the British playwright Anya Reiss who will also double as an executive producer. Other executive producers include George Ormond (great expectations) And Giorgio Faber (The White Queen) with Lisa Osborne (Man with an orange shirt). Becoming Elizabeth features Alicia von Rittberg in the title role as the young Elizabeth. Oliver Zetterström (The Romanoffs) plays Edward and Romola Garai (The Miniaturist) like Maria. Jamie Parker plays John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland.


In the power vacuum of King Henry VIII’s death, Elizabeth, Edward and their sister Mary find themselves in the midst of a power dispute between the great families of England. After her nine-year-old brother Edward is named King, what ensues is Elizabeth’s struggle to gain control of her life and strive against a system bent on keeping her in check. Another theme that Reiss has cleverly explored is the idea of ​​consent and power. In other efforts to tell Elizabeth’s story, no one had shed light on Thomas Seymour’s inappropriate overtures towards Elizabeth.

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This handy guide will help you find out how, when and where to look Becoming Elizabeth.

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Is Becoming Elizabeth Streaming Online?

Becoming Elizabeth will premiere on STARZ on Sunday 12 June and will be available on Starz streaming service. Subsequent episodes will be released on a weekly basis. For those who might want to see it on TV, it will be available at 9pm ET / PT in the US and Canada.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode Guide

The show will have eight episodes, with titles revealed for all but the last two. Here are all the details we have so far on the episodes of Becoming Elizabeth:

Episode 1: “Keep Your Knife Bright” – June 12, 2022

After the death of Henry VIII, his three children; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward are now pawns in a dangerous game as the English court is immersed in a race for control of the New England they find themselves in.

Episode 2: “You Can’t Stop Birds From Flying Over Your Head” – June 19, 2022

Christmas at court and a controversial masquerade leaves Protestant Edward and Catholic Mary at odds. Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of her as Mary asks her to come and live with her.

Episode 3: “Learn or Shut Up” – June 26, 2022

Episode 4: “Lighten Our Darkness” – July 3, 2022

Episode 5: “Necessity Makes Me Torment You” – July 10, 2022

Episode 6: “What Cannot Be Healed” – July 17, 2022

Episode 7: “TBA” – July 24, 2022

Episode 8: “TBA” – July 31, 2022

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Starz has released the official trailer for Becoming Elizabeth April 21, 2022. The 2-minute 17-minute trailer begins with apparent chaos in the middle of the night when Elizabeth’s father is pronounced dead. In the midst of this pandemonium, Elizabeth’s nine-year-old brother Edward (Oliver Zetterström) is crowned king as the male heir to the throne. Obviously too young to lead, the power struggle around him intensifies as several powerful families try to manipulate royalty to curry favor and remain in the empire’s power showdown. Moves are made to marry Elizabeth and her sister Mary to keep the lineage alive, but Elizabeth refuses to lie and obey. She begins her maneuvers, all of which end with her becoming queen. The trailer combines scenes that tell the story of her from a princess to a woman and ultimately to a leader.

More movies and shows like Becoming Elizabeth you can watch now

Looking for more British drama series to watch in anticipation Becoming Elizabeth? Here are a few you can check out.

Elizabeth: The golden age: Directed by Shekhar Kapur and produced by Universal Pictures and Working Title Films, Elizabeth: The golden age centers on Elizabeth’s efforts to protect England from King Philip II of Spain, who was determined to restore England to Roman Catholicism. It is feared that the Queen’s Catholic cousin, Mary Stuart (Samantha Morton), could make an alliance with King Philip II of Spain, further aggravating the crisis. Elizabeth must handle all of this as she also struggles to tame her attraction to Sir Walter Raleigh. A melodramatic story of a mighty monarch trapped in a lonely prison of her wealth and her power, Elizabeth: The golden age has memorable scenes and a fantastic cast.

The White Queen: A rich tapestry of subplots, The White Queen follows three women, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville on their journey to reclaim power in Britain in the 1400s. Inspired by a series of novels by Filippo Gregorio, this series is a dramatic retelling of the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars that saw two blue-blooded families fight for the English throne. Love, deception, betrayal, murder and lust are all intertwined in this gripping story of the British aristocracy and monarchy.

The Tudors: In this drama, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the legendary King of England Henry VIII in Showtime’s thrilling historical soap opera. The story focuses on the early years of his 40-year reign (1509-1547) and his various companions. Athletic, handsome, short-tempered, and gifted with a ferocious appetite for women, King Henry VIII’s trepidation at the thought of not having a male heir provided the perfect reason to burn women faster than most normal people would. His conflict with the Catholic Church and his relationship with Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, provide a rich subplot.

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