The best Netflix movies and shows: the trends of June 10, 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are witnessing the start of the unexpected second chance for fame of another lesser-known film emerging in Netflix’s Top 10 movies in the US on Friday, June 10, 2022. Recent examples of this include when the 2013 film. The call hit number one (and a lot to play Halle Berry’s surprise), when an even less well-known 2019 Neo-noir starring Noah Reid called Disappeared in Clifton Hill took first place in late May, or when the drama led by Jean-Claude Van Damme We die young appeared on the list earlier this month and has lived up to the big time, actually. To see which movie seems to have a new lease of life on the platform this time around, as well as what other movies and TV shows Netflix users are watching more (opens in a new tab)keep reading.

Brahms in Brahms: The boy II

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The 10 best movies on Netflix in the US – June 10, 2022

The underrated horror movie of 2016 The boy – hero The walking deadLauren Cohan as a porcelain doll nanny is available on Netflix, but her 2020 sequel, Brahms: The boy II – which has not met with as much critical or public acclaim – is the one that entered the 10 best films in the United States today at number ten. Aside from that surprise addition, the sudden absence of We die youngand see The injured locker and 1996 Mission Impossible each on a peg, the list looks quite similar to yesterday’s. The sports drama of Adam Sandler Febrile activity claims top spot again, followed by the action-packed Netflix original movie Interceptor2012 superhero hit The Incredible Spider-Manthe fourth of Mission Impossible film, winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture Titanic“historical” thriller. 10,000 BCand the classic Jim Carrey comedy Dumber and dumber.

  • 1. The hustle and bustle
  • 2. Interceptor
  • 3. The Incredible Spider-Man
  • 4. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • 5. Titanic
  • 6. 10,000 BC
  • 7. Dumb and Dumb
  • 8. The Wounded Locker
  • 9. Mission: impossible
  • 10. Brahms: The boy II
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