Taking the Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem Forward: An interview with exeno’s CEO

The blockchain revolution is ushering in a new era of innovation. As a decentralized future is on the horizon for all industries, exeno is on the way to redefine the dynamic notion of buying and reselling products by building the first cryptocurrency ecosystem (c-commerce).

Exeno is developing a multi-tool cryptocurrency ecosystem that aims to unleash users’ creativity in adopting cryptocurrencies. New users will appreciate exeno’s simple, fast and secure marketplace. More advanced crypto users will appreciate the platform’s innovative ideas such as the Stake Back rewards program inspired by traditional e-commerce cashback programs. And users of all skill levels will explore other features of the platform’s ecosystem, ranging from affiliate programs to their cryptocurrency – exeno coin (EXN).

In an interview with the CEO of and no – Tom Babiak – we discussed the platform, the c-commerce ecosystem, the products and features offered by exeno, and much more.

1. What was the vision behind the creation of exeno? Describe the path involved in creating this platform.

Before exeno even officially started in 2020, there were previous projects and experiences in the areas of technology, commerce and cryptocurrencies. It can also be said that the exeno was the stage that brought together all past efforts under one roof. Therefore, getting into the cryptocurrency and e-commerce industry and combining the two into what we now call crypto-commerce (as well as “c-commerce”) has become natural. The next area of ​​focus, however, was examining the industry in general and verifying the stage at which cryptocurrency trading was. Needless to say, it was and still is very nascent.

Our belief as a team has always been that cryptocurrency will and should become a form of payment for everyday items as much as fiat has been until today; however, for numerous reasons, he was still a long way from that goal. We took a step back and decided to define our ultimate vision: when you think of crypto commerce, exeno is the brand that immediately comes to mind. From that end goal, we really had to start thinking about what this industry-specific focus needed. Exeno 1.0 was launched in mid-2021 as a first step on this journey. It was nothing more than a commercial site with a cryptographic payment gateway, but it became the initial proof of concept (PoC) from which we gathered significant amounts of useful information.

Towards the end of 2021, the core team took all the lessons) and started planning the roadmap. He realized that buying with cryptocurrencies wasn’t the only main point as many payment gateways had already enabled it. It was about building unprecedented end-to-end solutions that would not only deliver an unrivaled cryptocurrency buying experience, but would also advance the industry. The roadmap we published is the culmination of it all.

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2. What are the characteristics that distinguish exeno from other platforms in the crypto space?

The focus on the cryptocurrency trading sector, while not a feature in the traditional sense, is already something that makes exeno stand out. We are not a centralized or decentralized exchange or the latest DeFi platform, we aim to bring the Web 2.0 ecommerce experience perfected over decades to the Web 3.0 / crypto space but further enhanced with features that are better powered by blockchain technology. Every feature we implement, even if already available, will be adapted in some form to the experience of cryptocurrency trading.

We are building a seamless crypto bridge for our exeno coin (currently being sold) to power a multi-blockchain coin, and while the coin will have its utility, it will also improve the experience within the exeno ecosystem. through exclusive discounts, the payment of affiliate commissions, a new twist on the traditional cashback we call Stake Back (cashback combined with staking) and much more. It will also fuel upcoming features we have planned, including an NFT marketplace that focuses not only on traditional uses of NFTs, but also exeno needs such as NFT-based proof of ownership.

We are planning to use SSI-based technology to not only verify a person’s identity, but also to solve the long-term problem facing the ecommerce industry – fake reviews. We will also be introducing a payment gateway with stealth functionality within the crypto space, including a resolution center that will ultimately act as part of the backbone for the next version of exeno 2.0 and more to come on the horizon.

3. What potential does c-commerce have in the rapidly expanding crypto sphere?

The platform recently introduced its motto which is “bring cryptocurrencies to life”. We believe c-commerce can play a significant role in the challenge of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Once users understand that it has so many more uses than fiat, this should lead to it being used for more daily needs and purchases just as fiat has been to date, essentially bringing crypto into their daily routine and bringing it into their own life.

That phrase also has a very specific meaning with cryptocurrency trading, especially since this focus allows a user to take something digital and convert it into a physical asset as if it came to life. With its ecosystem, exeno is ready to not only introduce another crypto project, but actually, another strong reason to support the use of cryptocurrencies.

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4. In your opinion, what role does the platform play in driving the c-commerce ecosystem forward?

As of now, the platform is not just a product, it is a team, a vision and a mindset. Currently, there is no other company that has such a focus in this particular space. Sure, there are companies focused on elements of it, but exeno is focusing on all the parts that make up a cryptocurrency ecosystem, and only with this can we say that we are playing a dominant role in advancing this industry.

5. What is the exeno coin (EXN)? What utilities does it provide on the ecosystem of the platform?

To achieve our ambitious future goals, we launched the exeno coin to “glue” all the features together. It is an EIP 1363 coin currently for sale on three major blockchains and as a result already embraces the multi-chain approach. We thought that if we want to lead the cryptocurrency trading industry, we need to become blockchain agnostic.

In addition to that, it will offer discounts within the market, will be the sole currency of all Exeno programs and features such as our upcoming referral program and our innovative Stake Back program where a user gets a predetermined amount of cashback for an item purchased on the market that goes through a waiting period of 30 days before it is paid; however, during that time he gets staking and earns a competitive APY so that the user gets more than expected! Of course, all upcoming features listed in the roadmap will rely solely on exeno coin to work.

6. Could you explain a little more about the different NFT market products and services that will be launched?

The goal of the NFT market is to introduce a safe place for pre-vetted creators to sell and trade their works; however, we will also use NFT technology to offer proof of purchase for products on our market that could possibly be used for a variety of purposes, such as insurance.

We will also explore other angles of “digital meets physical” with a simple example of a user buying a new smartphone and then purchasing an NFT wallpaper for it. To sum it up, the team here understands that launching another NFT market may not offer any added value, but there are still many uses of NFT technology that have not yet been explored would complement the exeno experience.

7. The staking rewards program sounds fascinating, what was the idea behind that innovation?

As mentioned in previous responses, part of our mission is that of mass adoption and part of that includes education. Cashback programs are a staple of many ecommerce platforms, so we thought about how to take it, reward users, but at the same time show them a very encrypted advantage. Stake Back was a simple but effective way to cover all of these needs.

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When a user purchases an item that has Stake Back, they receive a percentage of the cost of the item in exeno coin only. Just like traditional cashback, there is a pending period. In our case it is 30 days. During that time, the exeno coin is wagered. In the end, the user gets a little more than he bargained for and the theory is that the user will want to further understand how, and may not only educate him about the benefits of cryptocurrencies, but also encourage him to bet further.

8. In your opinion, are international brands aware of the possibilities associated with a revolutionary space like c-commerce and how excited they are to be part of it?

Sure they are, but while they may be international brands in the traditional / Web 2.0 sphere, we’re also seeing a model from this area that isn’t able to fully understand how to fit into the Web 3.0 arena. From all the recent media, they are very excited about all the possibilities that cryptography and its sectors like c-commerce can offer. We already see brands trying to enter the space, but they are still trying. We feel this is where exeno has its edge, and that’s mainly due to the fact that it’s exclusively focused here with experienced talent backing it, something international brands still lack.

9. What awaits us on the Exeno roadmap? Can you elaborate on your goals for this year?

When looking at our roadmap, it is quite ambitious and we aim to meet our deadlines with little or no delay. We are launching our bridge in partnership with a respected company in this space. We have launched and will further expand the uses related to the exeno coin; we aim to launch the first versions of our payment gateway as well as exeno 2.0.

To sum it up, we have been building and launching products including exeno for years and 2022 will see us implement more features that bring us closer to our ultimate goal, when you think about cryptocurrency trading, only exeno should spring to your mind.

For more information on exeno, check out theirs Official site.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

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