Will Netflix ever release scripted original series weekly?

TV show fans used to wait weekly between episodes of their favorite shows. So, step into the world of streaming and big companies like Netflix that changed the game.

Streaming services like Netflix have also changed the format of the traditional 22-24 episodes per season. We now have shows that are limited series only that could be five episodes with longer running times than the traditional 40 minutes.

These companies changed the television scene and it hasn’t been the same since. For some shows the weekly release works, while for others it just makes the story feel like it’s been dragged out so they can reach the final episodes of a season.

Netflix is ​​known for its ad-free platform (although it will start running a cheaper plan with ads), as well as being the real catapult into what binge-watching is today. The fact that the streamer releases all episodes of a series at once was a new concept when it started. Now, the company has experienced the division of the seasons as Stranger things season 4 and the upcoming fourth season of Manifest. But will the streamer ever consider releasing weekly episodes like network television?

Will Netflix ever release scripted original series weekly?

It doesn’t appear that that idea is revolving around the company. In a recent Variety-moderated panel at HRTS Presidents Luncheon, Netflix’s head of scripted series for the US and Canada shared that it’s very unlikely that a screenwritten Netflix Original will come out weekly.

Variety reports that the president, Peter Friedlander, said the following:

We basically believe we want to give our members the ability to choose how to view. [G]Giving them the option on these scripted series to watch whatever they want to watch when they watch it, is still critical to what we want to deliver.

It is true what it says. It is completely up to us how fast we want to whiz through a season. The binge drop format has been a real hit for the streaming giant and a popular choice with most viewers.

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Perhaps the super-sized season of Stranger things season 4 could have been a good opportunity to test a weekly release schedule. But I think sticking to the full season releases, or even splitting the seasons into two, works. As a professional binge-watcher myself, I don’t think I’d be happy to wait between episodes for some of my favorite shows now that I’m used to this Netflix format!

Which format do you prefer? Do you think Netflix should try a weekly release schedule? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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